Training & IT Staffing Solution

Business grows by utilizing the skills and expertise of workforce which is an important asset of the organization. Ayagan IT Services LLC deep heritage and expertise in providing specialized staffing services sets the company apart.

Ayagan IT Services training solutions leverage our proven expertise to help our customers master the Microsoft SQL server technologies they’ve deployed.  We educate our customers so they can reap the full value of their investment.

The Ayagan IT Services team offers both on-site and remote training programs to provide the right solution to fit your business needs.

Courses include advanced curriculum. Our flexible schedule includes classes during weekends.

1. Advanced Debugging and Reverse Engineering. We offer advanced debugging training for experienced professional and large corporation. We cover Live and remote debugging using Microsoft Advanced debugging tool WinDbg. We train experienced software engineer about analyzing Call Stacks and Memory Dumps, Diagnose Memory Leaks, Tracing, Hangs Issues, Analyzing Network and PerfMon logs. Analyzing IIS and SQL traces.
2. Business Intelligence. We cover Microsoft SSIS, SRS and Analysis Services. We also help companies to build data warehouses and train them to build OLAP Cubes. It also includes MDX, Data Mining and Advanced Statistical Techniques.
3. Microsoft SQL Developer Training. We offer state-of-the-art lab facilities and unlimited computer time to complete Critical Hands-On . Our courses are designed to augment knowledge of seasoned IT professional.
4. Advanced Java Programming. Java Struts Framework, JSP, Servlet, Java Beans and Hibernate (Java).
5. .NET Programming. We teach .NET Framework Internals, OOA, OOD and OOP Concepts, Advanced C#, Widows Communication Foundation, Windows Internals API, Systems Programming Using Windows Kernel Components.
6. Custom Magneto Extensions. We teach how to create Magneto Themes, MVC Components and Zend Framework, EAV Model to write Magneto Extension.